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2 thoughts on “Get Connected

  1. when my wife and I were faced with a one year notice to terminate our aut-renewed lease agreements we filed a lawsuit because Washington State RCW 59.20.080 (1)(e) requires a one year from change, but we successfully argued that a proposed date of change was not acceptable. Please call if interested. The original park owners lost.

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  2. Hi, Good Morning and Happy New Year,

    WOW, this was alot to take in, it’s a small book! My first thought was are we teaching the poor to fish or giving them a fish? Here in our conference we have set up a budget sheet to teach our Friends to live on a budget, it they can. We realize if people do not have anything or very little they cannot budget what they do not have. However, they cannot totally live on handouts either, right? In the browsing of your very long info pages I picked up a very much, handout mentally. I am from the Friends in Need world, and am not that far above it just yet. My husband and I are on a very fixed income, social security disablility. But we know how to make what we have last by not doing things that we cannot afford. We must teach our Friends to do that, not keep givng them a handout, but a hand up. Right? That is, in my thinking, the way Christ and the scriptures want us to help. Widows and orphans are the people whjo need help by giving them food, utilities, clothes, etc. They are not able to help themselves, totally helpless. Prayer of course is also a big thing we can do, more powerful then all other efforts. Thanks for all you do, and am glad to be part of this effort in our local conference of StVdp. Your’s in Christ, Janet Young


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