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What does CCHD mean to you?

We asked a few people to share with us what CCHD means to them.  Here’s what they shared.

“CCHD means solidarity that empowers!” – Fr. Juan Molina, OSST, Director for Church in Latin America, USCCB


Bishop Shelton Fabre of Houma-Thibodaux: “CCHD means the poor have a voice.”

Melissa Kelly of the Baltimore-based No Boundaries Coalition: “CCHD means inspiration”

“I support CCHD because our faith needs to live in people’s hearts and lives” – Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville and President of the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops

Linda Plitt Donaldson, Professor of Social Work at the Catholic University of America: “CCHD means hope and freedom”

Fr. Daniel Mindling, OFM, Cap. says “CCHD means evangelization”

Ralph McCloud, Director of CCHD: “CCHD Means Empowerment!!”

Bishop Donald Hanchon of Detroit: “CCHD means making the poor the ‘subjects’ – and not just the ‘objects’ of the Church’s efforts to help. It’s not just ‘taking a collection’ – but asking the needy: ‘what can we do that may be any help.”

Ray Kelly of the Baltimore-based No Boundaries Coalition: “I support CCHD because CCHD supports commUNITY”

“CCHD means the power of change & the building of community” – Mark Rohlena, Director of Domestic Social Development, USCCB

This weekend is the CCHD Collection! Be part of the effort to break the cycle of poverty in the United States. Learn more about how to give and let us know: What does CCHD mean to you?